Renata Pincelli-Souza

Postdoctoral Associate


  • 2008-2010 – M.S. at São Paulo State University (Brazil), Department of Crop Science, Agriculture.
  • 2011-2014 – Ph.D. at. São Paulo State University (Brazil), Department of Crop Science, Agriculture
  • 2015- Present – Postdoctoral Associate at University of Minnesota (St. Paul), Department of Horticultural Science, Phytohormone Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Research Topic:

Hazelnut acclimatization from flask to field thru metabolomic analysis.


Hybrid hazelnuts have potential to become a profitable and beneficial crop to the Midwest, but their production is currently limited by inefficient methods of vegetative propagation. Micropropagation is a potentially more productive method. Despite extensive research, micropropagation of hazelnut still a challenge, especially to moving plants in culture to a greenhouse and later to field conditions. A metabolomics analysis will guide us to know how to develop both environmental and growth conditions necessary to properly acclimatize the plants to survive outside the flask.

My research is focused on:

Develop growth conditions for hazelnut to be transferred from in vitro to greenhouse and field conditions, using metabolomics analysis as a reporter and guide.

Transfer hood photo