Nathan Tivendale, Ph.D.


Previous Position:
Postdoctoral Associate


2012  PhD in Plant Science & Organic Chemistry, University of Tasmania (UTAS). Thesis title: The biosynthesis of two naturally-occurring auxins in Pisum sativum L.
2009  Bachelor of Biotechnology (Hons, 1st Class), UTAS. Major:   Biochemistry, Minors: Plant Biology and Chemistry.

Research Topic:
Nathan worked on the NSF funded project (IOS-1238812) titled:
“Improving metabolic flux analysis for discovery of the molecular determinants of plant phenotypes”

Publications from the lab:

Tivendale ND, Ross JJ, Cohen JD The shifting paradigms of auxin biosynthesis. Trends in Plant Science 19:44-51 (2014)

Tivendale ND, Cohen JD Analytical history of auxin.  J. Plant Growth Regulation 34:708–722 (2015)

Tivendale N, Jewett EM, Hegeman AD, Cohen JD Extraction, purification, methylation and GC-MS analysis of short-chain carboxylic acids for metabolic flux analysis. Journal of Chromatography B 1928:165-174 (2016)